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Top Green Marketing Tips

Posted on July 19, 2010

Create campaigns — not ads

If you notice, most successful long-playing ad campaigns have a theme or story line that connects them, like Geiko’s talking gecko or the lonely Mayflower appliance repairman. Green consumers are just as susceptible to a well thought out storyline, so don’t make the mistake of designing ads one at a time, develop a long range strategy that builds anticipation in the consumer and makes your product or service develop a new dimension of desirability.

Tell the truth

The bottom line in dealing with the savvy green consumer of the 21st century is to be honest, which means you don’t want to use hard sell techniques or extravagant claims. As advertising genius William Bernbach pointed out, “The most powerful element in advertising is the truth.”

Design ads that create desire

As advertising expert Leo Burnett once noted, “Good advertising does not just circulate information. It penetrates the public mind with desires and belief.” To create an effective ad campaign, you need develop a strategy that creates a desire to have the product or service that you have to offer. Determine an unique aspect of your green product or service to set it apart from similar items and craft your presentation to make that aspect desirable to the consumer.

Highlight your green practices

Since the field is so competitive for emerging green technologies, it is crucial to employ multiple avenues to generate the right kind of interest in your product or service. If you have a commitment to green practices in your factory or office, be sure to document and highlight your efforts to reduce waste and align with ecologically sound policies. If your company contributes goods or services to disaster victims or participates in community programs, find ways to work such information into your website copy, press releases and advertisements. It can make the difference in a consumer’s mind when he is faced with a close decision.

Be sincere

The green market is estimated to reach $1 trillion in the next five years. To get noticed in this highly competitive field, you have to understand your audience and appeal to their desire for facts, figures and data. Dressing it up with overblown claims or flowery text is not going to impress the green crowd, in fact, they find it a turn off.

Lastly, the best tip of all…Call us here at Create-A-Card, Inc. and we’ll help you determine the best, most effective marketing campaign!

Leveraging Social Networking Sites to Generate Affiliate Network Business

Posted on July 12, 2010

“Social networks are like gasoline for your personal business networking machine. If you aren’t plugged in, you will be out-done by better-connected, hyper-networked colleagues and competitors.”

Many forces are reshaping the business landscape. Evolving business models, emerging markets, changing customer expectations, and new regulations (think green) are making it imperative that companies become more dynamic so that they can remain competitive in a fast-moving and uncertain global marketplace. We are caught in a wave of unprecedented change; technological, environmental, and economic trends are having tremendous impact in our local markets. These shifts are impacting the way we do business and, if you are not tuned in and keeping pace, the odds are, you are going to get left behind.

Rapidly identifying and capitalizing on new opportunities, mitigating risks, and constantly honing a competitive edge are hallmarks of a dynamic organization. Operating across global distances with near-instant response to your customers’ needs is increasingly vital to business.

In other words, the development of a global network can bring a great deal of additional revenue – both farm-in and farm-out – but only if it is well-organized and reliable. Translation: strong relationships throughout the “supply-chain” are critical in developing new streams of revenue. Unless you know who can provide a service level that is exceptional enough to handle your most important customers, and vice versa, an affiliate network makes absolutely no sense – business or otherwise. And, in a global economy, identifying who the “players” are in a market and establishing mutually beneficial relationships is often “easier said than done.” So, how can you get “upfront and personal” to recruit both affiliates and clients whether they are in Tokyo, Topeka or Tobruk?

The internet, of course. More specifically . . . welcome to the world of social networking.

Don’t let the word “social” confuse you. “Social” networking is very good for business, and the research is showing just how good.

William Baker, a marketing professor at San Diego University (and former VP of Marketing at Ericson Marketing Communications) has conducted research on Social Networking in business. Surveying 1,600 executives, his research found that companies – especially smaller companies – that rely heavily on external social networks are more innovative, speed up their ability to respond quickly to events in the marketplace and capitalize on their competitive advantages.

Knowing and implementing the best strategy across traditional marketing channels and social media channels can sometimes make or break your business’s marketing success. This can translate to money either gained or lost in your business. Real social media engagement takes time and a great deal of strategy, something many limo company owners don’t have a lot of.

Finding the right partner to outsource your social media marketing to is sometimes challenging but, if the right company is chosen, the payoff is on the bottom line.

Happy Independence Day!

Posted on July 2, 2010