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Posted on November 11, 2011

The 2011 Limo Digest Show is off to a roaring start with some excellent seminars and a big turnout. The mood is very positive among the nation’s premiere transportation providers and all are optimistic for the immediate future.

There are some concerns about excessive regulation and the tendency of the current administration to “Creatively interpret” existing laws to institute draconian requirements on transpotration providers instead of going through the Congress to pass new legislation.

It has never been more important of operators to join and support their local and state limousine associations as well as the NLA.
The formation of Two new Limo Associations was announced at the show

  • Minority Limo Association of America (MLOA). The President is Maurice Brewster of Mosaic Global Transportation in California. They had a good turnout for their meeting yesterday with people standing in line to join. Our best wishes to them.
  • Coalition of Transportation Associations (COTA). This goup is primarily in the New York/New Jersey market. Former TLC Commissioner and now President of the IATR

Matt Daus made the announcement.

In a room filled with New York people, he dryly introduced it as “A new organization comprised of the five families”. This term has an unmistakable resonance in this part of the world. He was, of course being facetious in this allegory.

The five “Families” are the Limousine Associations of New Jersey (LANJ), Limousine Associations of New York (LANY), Luxury base Operators Association (LBOA), Long Island Limo Association (LILA) and Black Car Assistance Fund (BCAC).

COTA will focus on legislative issues and work to ensure that licensed operators can pass though various jurisdictions without having to be over-licensed. Our best wishes to them as well.

CADILLAC is the major sponsor of the Limo Digest Show.

They are very proud of being among the top 40 Most Favorably Described companies in the JD Power Survey. They are focusing on customer satisfaction and being one of the top luxury car brands in the world.

They feel that the Limousine Industry is an extension of their branding strategy.

The new large-body sedan that will be the cornerstone of their limo fleet is the XTS.

It is not slated for debut until next week for the Los Angeles Auto Show, so no XTS cars will be here for operators to view.


Jeff gave a very good presentation on outstanding customer service. It was a fast-moving and lively presentation. He is an excellent speaker, used no notes and shared our concerns about providing “Wow” service to a demanding clientale.

Cadillac had sent many of their people to Jeff for his courses. Some of his gems:

a) Ordinary people doing ordinary jobs extraordinarily well.

b) Competent employees do their job; passionate employees love their jobs.

c) Separate who you are from what you do.

d) A lack of emotional intelligence can ruin your business. (example:while 9/11 was happening, a hotel manager in NYC kept a staff meeting going)

e) You want your service to produce, “Joy, gasps, tears and a lifetime customer”.

f) Annual Employee turnover in the hospitality industry is about 65%. Last year, the Ritz Carlton only had a 16% drop.

g) Purpose creates passion. Communicate it.

h) Some people can be described by the acronym CAVE: Continually against virtually everything (Totally negative people who suck the life out of everyone around them).

i) Emotional Intelligence is comprised of self-Awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social kills.

Upcoming Postal Increase Update

Posted on November 4, 2011

USPS First-Class Rate Increase: .45 cents

It’s been officially announced, there will be a First-Class rate increase in January 2012 from the current .44 cents to .45 cents. Prices also will change for other mailing services including:  Standard Mail, Periodicals and Package Services.

The highlights of the new single-piece First-Class Mail increase are as follows:

  • Letters (1oz.): .01 cent increase to .45 cents
  • Letters additional ounces: unchanged at .20 cents
  • Postcards: .03 cent increase to .32 cents
  • Letters to Canada or Mexico (1oz.) .05 cent increase to .85 cents
  • Letters to other international destinations: .07 cent increase to $1.05

For more information regarding the upcoming rate increase please visit: 2012 USPS Rate Increase