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Need Specialized Marketing Materials? Create-a-Card’s Got You Covered

Posted on June 22, 2015

When it comes to your collateral marketing campaigns, sometimes you’ve got to go the extra mile. At Create-A-Card, we strive to be a one-stop shop for transportation companies seeking to bolster their marketing efforts. If you’ve been in business for five, ten or even twenty years, it might be time for you to freshen things up and put your brand out there a little more. It might be time to rev the engines and shift into high gear. Our 20 page brochure is a click away…

Let us help you take your transportation business to the next level. With nearly 30 years of experience in the industry, we know what works. Sometimes, standard marketing materials don’t cut it. That’s why we proudly offer a variety of robust products, including:

· Mini marketing kits: Small and to the point, this option helps create a professional impact in a pint-sized punch. Your kit will include brochures, rack cards, business cards and more.

· Large marketing kits: Bigger occasions call for larger marketing materials. This sized kit is ideally designed for presentations.

· Presentation folders: These 9” x 12” folders are the perfect place to store your marketing collateral and are certain to complement your marketing kits.

We understand that marketing might not be second nature to you. And that’s why we’ll take care of the marketing grunt work so you can focus on what you do best: safely moving your customers from one location to another.

Give us a call and tell us your story and who you’re trying to reach. We’ll tell you what products work best and our art department will get to work right away on proofs, ensuring the consistency of your brand along the way. The best part? We’ll turn something around within a short period of time, so you’ll be able to start your new campaign quickly.

If you’re looking for specialized, advanced marketing materials, click here to get in touch with us. Our staff is looking forward to helping you create the specialized collateral you need to grow your business.

In the Transportation Industry? Distinguish Your Brand with Customized Collateral

Posted on June 12, 2015

In the ground transportation business, it can be tough to find loyal customers because, most of the time, people are just worried about getting from Point A to Point B as inexpensively as possible.

Because of this, gaining customers can be hard. And if you do reel them in, keeping them baited can be just as daunting, especially since many will only care about how much your services cost. So before they decide to take their business elsewhere, how can you keep you them?

One way to differentiate your transportation company from your competitors is by launching a diverse, targeted collateral marketing campaign—one with branded business cards, post cards, brochures and more. In doing so, you help build brand awareness and put your company’s name in the minds of people who will one day need your services.

But you’re in the business of getting people from one place to another place—you’re not a marketer.

Don’t sweat it.

Angel Limo Brochure (PDF)With nearly three decades of experience providing luxury ground transportation services, tour companies and black car services with high-quality marketing collateral, we at Create-A-Card know the transportation industry inside and out. As members of many organizations and associations — like the National Limousine Association, the Minority Limousine Operators of America and the Greater California LiveryAssociation, to name a few—we follow all of the trends and latest happenings of the industry and know what marketing strategies work.

Whether you’re looking to re-brand your company, spread the word about what kind of services you offer or just get your logo out there, we’re confident that we’ll help find the solution you’re looking for to grow your business. Download our current brochure (PDF).

In this industry, it’s tough to keep loyalty. Let us help you get more people to know your brand and that you’re out there to help better their lives.

We look forward to helping you tell your story, so contact us today.