Direct Mail Marketing Tips

Posted on February 22, 2011

Direct mail can be an effective marketing tool if you learn how to use it to your advantage. Limousine companies can use direct mail to get new clients and keep them. Transportation companies are more local than most other businesses that advertise. This makes direct mail an especially effective way to reach the target audience. Mailing a well-designed card is a great step towards building a loyal customer clientele. When people receive a card in the mail that is noticeable, they are more likely to save it to reference in the future. Anyone can create a unique, memorable card for their direct mail advertising campaign with a few simple guidelines in mind.

1. Make your card an attention-grabber.
You only have a few seconds to convince the recipient to learn more about your company. When designing a card for your business, make bright colors your best friend. People are attracted to vibrant, exciting images. Your initial goal is to have the recipient look at your card long enough to be interested in seeing what you have to offer. If you don’t use eye-catching colors, your card might get tossed aside.

2. Keep the text brief and to the point.
If you put too much writing on your card, you risk losing the recipient’s attention. Small fonts and too much text tend to overwhelm people. Write a first draft of what you want to say and then think about how to shorten it to a few key phrases. Include a phrase that will encourage people to contact you. Make sure that your contact information is clearly visible.

3. Look for inspiration everywhere you go.
Pay attention to the images you see daily. People see hundreds of advertisements a day. Be conscious of which ones you like the most. Learning what images impress you can help you figure out what kind of visuals work. Use the techniques you’ve noticed are effective for creating your own card.

4. Create a brand and stick to it.
Decide how you want to present your business and stay true to it. In order to be successful, you need to be consistent with the message you are sending. People don’t trust businesses that change their slogans often. They see them as unreliable. Create your own tagline that sums up what you want the recipient to know about your company in one short sentence.

5. Don’t clutter your card.
While using bright colors is a must, make sure that the overall effect isn’t overwhelming. Your card should still look professional. Use white spaces for text. Don’t make the mistake of putting your text on a colorful background. It might blend in and be too hard to read.

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