Prom Season Is Here…Are you ready?

Posted on March 21, 2011


There are too many proms on the same date. There are too many kids taking buses or driving themselves. No one is spending money anymore. Forget the na-sayers and start thinking about what you can do now to promote your company and book more jobs this season.

Start off by knowing your market. You are now selling to the 16-19 year old age range. At the same time, you are also selling your services to the parents of the 16-19 year olds. The students still want exciting, lights, loud sound, new, fancy, unique, one of a kind, and cool chauffeurs. While the parents are looking for safety, reputation, reliability, rules and a fair price.

So how do you accomplish this? 

You need to promote to both categories in a way to get their attention. Sell the excitement and fun experience to the students and sell the safety and reliability to the parents. This can be done by the means of a post card mailing, hand outs (fliers), a Facebook page, Youtube videos, referrals, website, prom showcase or your prom advertisements.

Post Card MailingsMost Effective. At this age group the students are receiving large quantities of mail from colleges. 

An oversized post card stands out more amongst the other clutter and also gives the parents the opportunity to see the card as well. 

Hand Outs (Fliers – Brochures) – A great way to showcase your company services and fleet. Be different, be unique, promise only what you can offer. Leave them in stores, pass them out at showcases, give to friends, hire some young sales students to help you in exchange for a discount for themselves.

Facebook Page – Youtube – Need I say more! If you don’t have one, start one up today. Every teenager is on Facebook and using Youtube and so are most of their parents. 

Prom Showcase – Display your best vehicle, most unique, brand new or perhaps a one of a kind type of vehicle. Decorate the interior to show fun and exciting, Have a younger driver and/or sales person that the kids can relate to, but not too young, where the parents are concerned. Make sure that you represent your company well. What people see is their first impression of you and your company. Have take away materials and promotional give aways so they can bring them back to show their friends and parents.

As a final note, package your prom pricing as an all inclusive price. This will make it much easier for the students and parents to understand what the cost will be per person. Example: offer your prom pricing as low as $79 pp (based on the vehicle size) to generate attention.  As most of them will be sharing the cost for your service. If you follow this simple tips for attracting more prom business, you will end up booking more jobs.

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