Create-A-Card Marks 25 Years

Posted on April 29, 2011

Arthur Messina earned his degree in Food and Business in 1984 and worked for the Marriot Corporation right out of college. After working as a manager there for two years, he realized the industry was not for him.

“It felt impersonal,” he recalls. “You become more of a number in a big corporation like that, and you weren’t respected for your knowledge.” Messina, who is certainly respected as an invaluable source of industry know-how among his peers, clients, and competitors, says he was more interested in the business aspect of his degree. He had a passion for photography and decided to turn it into a business idea: photo business cards.

Thus, Create-A-Card, Inc. was born. The limousine industry was a natural fi t because owners needed a way to show their vehicles to the public.

One of Messina’s fi rst clients was a company down the street from his house. “We took the car to a park and shot some photos, and that was one of the first samples I had,” he says. The business took off, and as many industry members know, has expanded into a full-service marketing provider, helping operators with anything from brochures and fl iers to social media to website and logo design. Whether the client is a newcomer to the industry or a 30-plus year veteran, Create-A-Card, Inc. makes sure to help them communicate messages well.

CAC 25th Anniversary to read the full story.

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