Online vs. Offline – What is the difference?

Posted on May 13, 2010

To stay competitive in today’s ground transportation business, it is crucial to have professional help designing a marketing strategy that seamlessly incorporates your traditional media outlets and your printed material with your web presence. By coordinating and focusing all your advertising, marketing kits and press releases into a cohesive unit, you can make the most of both your online and offline campaigns instead of expecting them to function independently.

Remember, your basic goal is to keep your existing client base from being lured away by other limo companies while attracting the interest of potential customers. So you need to devise a campaign that succinctly explains why your limousine service is superior. By keeping your initial message direct and simple, it is easier to tie together all aspects of your media campaigns. The ultimate aim is to get interested clients to your website where they can access a wealth of details and services to get their questions answered quickly so they will place orders with your limousine service first.

To accomplish this, all of your offline print media — from business cards to brochures to full color glossy ads — should be designed to have a consistent look, feel and message so your audience can establish brand identification at a glance. These days it is not necessary to burden your print advertising with too much detailed information. Instead, concentrate on eye-catching images and quick, easy to remember messages that attract attention and prompt action. Each piece of printed material should, of course, prominently display your website address. Whenever possible, use special promotions to direct readers to your website for more details.

This same strategy should be carried over to any television and radio advertisements, especially the consistent branding and internet references. Of course you will want to develop audio and video presentations that will tie neatly into your pubic image. When you post these videos on your website, You Tube channel and company blog, you can significantly maximize the exposure of your productions.

The key point of this strategy is to peak your customer’s interest enough so they will visit your website for more information. It is much easier to track the success of your advertising campaigns on your website and to get feedback on what works — as well as what doesn’t — using online marketing resources.

Advertising on the internet does not mean just having a dynamite website, either, although that is extremely important. You need to establish many other tendrils throughout the world wide web that link back to your webpage. Social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter are invaluable for connections. But blogs, articles, press releases and comments on related stories can also be used to spread your message. Of course, it is crucial to set up proper key words and develop concise Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies to keep your business ranked high on services like Google.

It is not realistic to expect your regular staff to coordinate and implement such ongoing and complicated tasks. Missed steps in the process can put your business at risk of losing customers to multimedia savvy competitors. Consulting with professional advertising consultants who have cutting edge skills and a good knowledge of your business can help you determine strategies to set your limo company apart from all the others. We at Create-A-Card, Inc. can help you with all your social media marketing needs also–just call or email us today to get started.

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