Who Cares about the Green Message?

Posted on May 5, 2010

Most international ground transportation companies are realizing that creating a green fleet is not only good for the environment, it is good for their bottom line. Consequently, the marketplace is becoming even more competitive, so devising a comprehensive green marketing strategy is crucial to maintaining and growing your business. To entice customers to chose your green fleet over your competition, you need to engage in a series of pro-green marketing campaigns to give customers a reason to chose you first.

Investing in alternative fuel vehicles is just the first step in creating a green company, the concept of conservation and environmental consciousness needs to have deep roots that your customers can see in action. Creative green marketing requires a bottom up approach towards recycling, waste reduction and alternative energy implementation. Encourage your staff to devise in-house schemes to conserve whenever possible. Also direct them to find vendors and investors who share your commitment to conscience business practices.

To show your green commitment to your customers, create sustainability reports utilizing the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) international reporting procedures. Once your company becomes part of this thriving green business referral network, you can attract customers who might never see your traditional advertising. By generating reports full of good solid facts and figures on your energy conservation methods, your existing and potential clients can take this information into the boardroom where executive decisions are made. More often than not, corporate decisions are based on how they can meet their mandates to reduce their carbon footprint and improve their public image.

Successful internet marketing programs encourage open communication about your green fleet initiative and provide clients with the opportunities to give you feedback and express opinions about your operations, all of which can be used to great advantage in helping devise effective future marketing strategies. A good green marketing campaign can also explain the concept of ‘creative pricing,’ a strategy that optimizes the hidden rewards of energy conservation, such as enhancing your client company’s reputation as an ecologically minded entity. There are green cost accounting formulas that can translate the subtle benefits of incorporating green fleet ground transportation companies into their business plans.

Other factors that can be included in successful green market campaigns are the social implications that are a result of good ecological management practices. Projections showing clients how your company’s green practices improve the overall community can prove invaluable information that our clients can take to their boardrooms where executive decisions are made, and more often than not, they are very interested in partnering with companies that cast them in a ‘green’ light. Retail giant Wal-Mart proved that customers responded very favorably to their switch to green fleets that also increased their profits by reducing waste.

Smart green fleet owners will realize truly effective marketing campaigns need to be rooted in company- wide policies that can attract and keep customers. By utilizing ‘deep green’ procedures in your company, you will not only make yourself attractive to clients, you will make them more attractive to their customers, basically creating a win-win-win situation for the environment, you client base and your company’s profits.

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