Trade Show Marketing Tips

Posted on October 21, 2010

Trade shows provide an excellent opportunity for limousine services to network with affiliates and expand their customer base. Creative marketing is crucial to making the most of such events and must expand far beyond simply having a flashy booth.

Here are a few tips to maximize your networking and brand at a trade show:

  • For your display booth, avoid the temptation to hire “booth babes” or use cheesy giveaways that will attract all the wrong kind of attention to your booth and discourage truly interested parties from taking you seriously.
  • Consider your audience carefully and use your affiliations wisely to create clever “night on the town” type packages that visitors can sign up for by leaving their e-mail address and basic contact information.
  • Have a frequent drawings to keep interest up and post the winners prominently in your display so contestants will check back often. This strategy, of course, collects information for your sales team to use in future marketing campaigns.
  • The overall appearance of the booth itself requires a professional design eye that knows how to capture attention amidst competing displays and entice worthy visitors. Understanding the use of shape, color and graphics to create an attractive impression requires skill and knowledge of composition.
  • Integrate media presentations, demonstrations, literature racks and clever novelty giveaways to make your booth as interactive as possible.
  • Create a natural traffic flow through your booth that presents material in a logical progression and develops a sense of anticipation for the finale.
  • Have one person who exclusively “works the room” at a trade show. This person should be well-versed in the company’s unique strong points and have a good knowledge of the intricacies of the limousine business so they can answer consumer questions.
  • Businesses that are already associated with your limousine service should be approached with “thank you gifts” and made friendly overtures for future business with printed offers that you can leave with them to contemplate later.
  • Companies that you have never dealt with, however, need to be presented with introductory information and incentives to use your limousine service over your competitors. Ideally, your limousine company will have an exciting event or party associated with the trade show that has exclusive VIP invitations that can be given to appropriate vendors.
  • Be sure to follow up after the show and connect with all your new contacts on social media (Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook)

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