Unique Ways to Use Your Business Card to Promote Your Limo Company

Posted on August 16, 2010

At Create-A-Card, our experience in media relations has taught us how important a good business card can be — especially for a word-of-mouth enterprise like a limousine service — and how many ways it can be used to generate new customers, provide contact information for existing customers and remind old customers of your services. The more creative you are at distributing your business cards, the broader you cast your net and benefit from the grapevine.

A business card basically transmits your contact information and succinctly conveys information about your limo company’s particular style. Resist the urge to skimp on your business card budget and go ahead and invest in an assortment of cards in lavish colors with eye-catching designs printed on high-quality paper. Consider unique places you can tuck business cards besides the traditional gift baskets and leave some every place you go, especially at restaurants and hotels.

Networking Your Business Cards

Talk to you local printer about other clients who put together promotional packages for travelers, and offer to leave a box of your cards with them so they can be included if their client agrees. Also ask the printer’s help in designing material such as introductory packets, bid packages and promotional mail-outs that are die cut so that multiple business cards can be inserted without falling out.

Since limo companies have so many affiliates businesses they work with on a regular basis, invest in attractive business card holders, perhaps some that hold cards from multiple related businesses, that you can ask them to display. You can even propose making specialty coupon business cards that you honor for mutual customers to help add value to their product or service. Inquire if they are interested in including these cards in any promotional material they distribute and supply them with plenty for their projects. You can offer to do the same for them in your outreach campaigns.

Creative Cards

Since there is such a limited space on a business card, creativity really pays off. Obviously, a card shaped like a the classic black limousine or a brightly colored party limousine complete with hot tub would get the message across quite clearly. A more subtle approaches is to use business cards that look like common travel items like passports, credit cards and hotel door keys. You can create different business cards for your various clientele that maintain the basic information yet have a targeted appeal.

If you have a “green limousine” company, look into producing cards made of recycled, nontoxic materials and that are shaped like natural objects to make it clear you support sustainable ground transportation practices. Also think about who you prime customers are and contemplate having cards designed in shapes that reflect their niche market, like a heart-shaped card for the bridal planner.

Virtual Business Cards

With so many people using the Internet, having a good virtual business card is mandatory. Get a high quality scan of your business card and have it converted to a crisp JPEG file that can be used as a live link to your business from other web sites.

Vcards can be included in your e-mail signature so that anyone who receives a message from you can click on the icon and automatically add your e-mail address to their contact list. Vcards can also be distributed on social networking sites and major networking hubs like travelocity.com and Expedia.com. There are also business card CD-roms that will play in any CD player and provide the listener with your contact information and details about your services. These are excellent to include with new business presentation packages.